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Canon M40 Scanner - SPECIAL OFFER

  • $ 3,699.00

CRS is promoting (while supplies last) the M40 Scanner which can turn your Canon iPF printer into a Multi Functional Printer (MFP). 

What does that mean?  Quite simply, the M40 Scanner allows you scan hard copies (up to 40" in width) in full color to files and prints. The machine includes the Smartworks Software and MFP stand.  Typically this unit is only sold with a Canon iPF printer in the form of an MFP, but Canon has temporarily made these units available as standalone systems. 


$3699.00 delivered, set up, and installed. Limited stock available. Please contact us for more information.

Product Brochure (pdf)

M40 Scanner

The M40 scanner incorporates a SingleSensor assembly technology, which helps provide consistent and better color accuracy with more detail in the shadows and highlights than a staggered CIS array scanner.


    • 1200 dpi optical resolution, 9600 dpi maximum resolution
    • Image scanning of up to 40" wide, fits documents 42" wide
    • Scans documents up to 315" (26 ft) in length as a JPEG or PDF file, and up to 590" (49 ft) in length as a TIFF file
    • Scanning speed of up to 13 inches per second monochrome, 3 inches per second color
    • USB 3.0 interface, 75 Mbytes / sec transfer rate
    • Scan documents up to 2.0 mm thick
    • Face up / Front load / Rear exit
    • Straight paper path
The M40 scanner contains a single component image sensor that is the full width of the scanner and has long life LED Bi-directional illumination. Full width image capture, as opposed to time delayed scanning of separate sections, means less risk of misalignment of scan data. LED's require virtually no warm up time and provide a wide and consistent color gamut, with low power consumption and there is less potential for shadowing at creases or folds. A single driven hold up roller provides even pressure across the scan width which means originals are less susceptible to folds or creases.

SmartWorks MFP Software

SmartWorks MFP gives you the tools you'll need to quickly and easily scan to print / file / share large format technical documents. With a simple to use interface and unique scan-it-once ability, SmartWorks MFP allows for efficient batch scanning and helps create quality scanned images that are produced in a short amount of time. Scan to PDF, TIFF and JPEG file formats. SmartWorks MFP software is now more efficient than ever before.
    • Scan lengths of up to 315" (26 ft) for PDF and JPG files, and up to 590" (49 ft) for TIFF files
    • Ability to add custom presets with one-touch retrieval for those often-used settings
    • New image enhancements for white point adjust, black point adjust, sharpen, mirror, and invert
    • Full integration with Canon Digital Print & Share cloud software

Users have more control over their workflow with access to editing functions such as invert, mirror, and black and white point adjustments. Custom presets help users control the scanner and increase control over printer settings.

MFP Stand

The scanner stand connects directly to the printer stand to create a one piece structure and to reduce the total footprint of the iPF MFP system. The stand gives the user the flexibility to use an ?all in one? configuration or to set up an independent scanner stand. The user can choose whether to place the monitor on the right or left side of the stand, as well as whether to use a straight or swingarm orientation. When the monitor is set up using a swing-arm orientation, it can be positioned in two different heights. This single stand design eliminates the need to move the printer and scanner piece by piece when setting up or relocating the MFP.



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