Crisp Imaging Credit Account Terms and Conditions


Applicant’s signature attests financial responsibility, ability and willingness to pay all invoices in accordance with invoice terms. Applicant agrees to notify Crisp Imaging within 30 days of any change in ownership or address. Sales tax will be added to all invoices unless a valid exemption or resale certificate is on file with Crisp Imaging. Any exceptions to normal tax status must be relayed to Crisp Imaging in writing.

Terms of Payment: All prices are subject to change with or without notice. Invoice payment terms are net 30 days from document date. Amounts owing past 30 days are subject to a 1.5% monthly late fee of total amount owed. If your account is not paid in full when due, orders are subject to be shipped on a C.O.D. basis.

Collection of Accounts: In the event that Crisp Imaging is required to assign this account to a collection agency, or file suit to enforce collection, I/We agree to pay all reasonable collection and attorney fees, and actual court costs associated. Upon default of any sum due under this agreement, the entire unpaid balance shall, at the option of Crisp Imaging, become immediately due and payable. Should litigation be filed to enforce any of the agreements contained herein, I/we agree to jurisdiction and venue in Orange County, California.

Authorization: I/We authorize Crisp Imaging to request all necessary financial information from the banking and trade references listed above. I/We authorize the banking, trade references and credit bureaus to accept copies of this application as authorization to release financial and credit information on the account’s name. The undersigned warrants that he/she is authorized to sign on behalf of the company. The undersigned warrants fully understand Crisp Imagings’ credit terms and agree to the proper payment in consideration of extended credit.