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Place Order - Large Format Black and White

Product Information

Product Usage

Traditionally used for architectural, engineering or construction documents and plans but also great for posters, banners, signs, stencils, schedules, calendars, templates and more.

*Maximum printable width: 40"


The most common order options are 24"x36" or 30"x42" printed at 100% on 20lb Bond paper with Edge Bind.

Special Instructions

Please let us know of any additional requests or information. Please inform us here if you would like a quote prior to order processing. You may also provide instructions for other files uploaded that do not meet the product specifications.

20 lb Bond

Regular paper. The most common and affordable choice. Almost all plans are printed on 20 lb bond.

24 lb Bond

A bit heavier and more durable than 20 lb bond.

32 lb Presentation Bond

A thick, presentation style paper. Great for higher ink coverage and mounting to boards.

18 lb Translucent Bond

The new vellum. A thin translucent bond paper.

Tinted Bond

20 lb bond paper available in four colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow

Double Matte Mylar

Durable translucent matte film. Commonly used for recordable documents and maps.


9mil opaque film. Tear, scratch and water resistant. Great for low cost banners and signs. Superior performance and longevity to a laminated print.

Low Tack Polypropylene

6mil opaque film. Low tack adhesive for removable and repositionable signs and graphics.

Number of Sets/Copies

We use this value to produce your desired number of print runs. We apply this number to all files provided by you. You can customize this in any way you like. Please let us know in the special instructions. You can specify number of copies per file name, etc.

Sets vs Copies

Generally, sets and copies are interchangeable although "set" is often used to describe a complete document with multiple pages printed in correct order.

Maximum printable width: 40"

For larger printing, please see our other products or contact us.

Common Sizes

For plans and drawings, the most common sizes are 24"x36" and 30"x42".

Page Size

"Large Format" is considered any size greater than standard 11"x17".

By default, we print your document "As sized". This is the native size of the file. If you do not know the size of your file, please let us know in the special instructions.

To check the size of a PDF file: How to find the page size of a PDF file

If you know what page size you would like, you can select it or choose "Custom". We may contact you if your selection does not match your file size or there is a conflict with the Enlarge/Reduce selection.


100% - Printed at native size

50% - Reduced by 50%.(half-size) - Most common "half-sizes" are 12"x18" and 15"x22" reduced from 24"x36" and 30"x42", respectively.

Fit to Page Size - The file is reduced or enlarged, depending on native file size, to fit the selected page size. Please note: we use the native file size to determine the percentage of reduction/enlargement while preserving the proportion of the image without cropping. We do not use the image content to determine the percentage, by default.

Drawing Scale - If you would like to print at a specific drawing scale, confirm the scale is correct, or print at a different scale please let us know.

Other - We can use any custom amount for reduction or enlargement. We can meet image content requirements of any kind. Please let us know.


Loose - All pages left loose and rolled.

Edge Bind - Cardstock strip folded over edge of sheets and stapled. Most common choice for plan sets.

Staple Only - Stapled along edge.

Screw Post - Cardstock strip folded over edge of sheets, drilled and fastened with aluminum screw type post. We default to this option for all sets of 150 pages or more.


Standard - Folded in half, back half, and over half.

Specific Size - We fold to meet a size you specify.

Custom - Please provide any custom folding instructions.

Rolling and Bundling

By default, we roll prints as sizes and number of sheets permits for a usable and deliverable package. You may specify any bundling/distribution or rolling method you prefer.


Mounting to any of our premium rigid substrates is available for prints on approved media.


Lamination is available for prints on approved media.

Black and White

Using a process called dithering, any color or grayscale images are converted to high quality affordable black and white prints at superior speeds.


We can print all or some of your pages in color at the same speed and starting at the same price of black and white. Please let us know what pages you'd like in color or place an order for Large Format Economy Color.

Order Processing

Production of this product happens quickly! In some cases, orders are completed within minutes of submission. If you need to change or cancel your order after it is submitted, please contact us immediately!

Time Wanted

Please enter a time that you would like to receive your order. If there is an issue meeting this time, we will contact you via email. Please note, we do not view this information until we begin processing your order.

Operation Information

Our production departments operate on a first come, first served basis with RUSH production available.

If your turnaround time is critical, please call us.

By default, we will contact you via email regarding any job specific questions or issues once your order has begun processing.

RUSH Production

By selecting RUSH ORDER your order will be placed in our priority RUSH queue.  A fee equal to 50% of your order subtotal will be added to your invoice.

RUSH orders are processed prior to any standard orders regardless of submission time. If there are no orders in our standard queue, when a RUSH order is submitted, there is no fee added. RUSH orders are processed after any previously submitted RUSH orders or any orders that are currently printing, processing, or finishing.  

Once complete, RUSH orders are delivered on our regularly scheduled delivery route, shipped via selected service, or made available for pick up at our location.  We do not offer expedited delivery service.

Please contact us for price and/or time quotes.

File Types

We recommend submitting your files in PDF format.

We also accept TIFF, TIF, JPG, EPS, AI, DWF

Fonts and Layers

It is recommended that all fonts be embedded and that all layers be flattened prior to file submission, if possible.

Printing Select Pages from Multipage PDF

If you are submitting a multipage PDF where you would only like some of the pages printed, please let us know the PDF page numbers, if possible.

Working with PDF files is easier with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Printing Sets or Books in the Correct Order

If you are submitting multiple PDF files that you would like combined and printed in order, please let us know. You may also add sequential numbering to your filename to communicate the print order.

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